When I look at the ruins of what was once a good system that provided equitable education to children at some point in time I see a sea of students eager to learn. I see a sea of students who are misidentified, over-defined and under-appreciated. I see students who are failed; I see legacies ended before they even began. I see the look of hopelessness in the eyes of students who can tell they are being failed due to our addiction to define, redefine, and then define again. Education should allow students to define themselves, it should encourage such definition to take place from the student but instead it forces teachers and administrators to define such definition for the child. If anything the definition of education at this point is merely a system that defines the definitions of definitions that hold little validity. This is a horrid injustice to students because if educations definitions define a student than a he or she will just conform to such definitions and therefore the student to essentially put him/herself along a track that potentially limits ingenuity, potential and creativity.

This is why students should stand up to educations definitions that limit them and their ingenuity and refuse to conform to such definitions. Students need to demand that they not be held to such definitions but to their true potential. Students need to demand that they have the right to be unique and not act as “units” so that they can embark upon of the ingenuity that resides within their young vibrant minds. Until that becomes the universal definition of education I will work relentlessly to lead students to revolutions of change in every way imaginable until we are freed from the conformity’s of restrictive, redundant, and mundane definitions.


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